Many of us may be thinking about and penning down our new year’s resolutions at this time. Coincidentally, cosmic master Thoth expounded on the idea of time at the recent Solstice Meditation: Timeless Being. His insights and energy gifts may come in handy now for further energizing your goals for 2020 and aligning them to your soul’s wisdom.


Having a physical existence necessarily implies being in time and experiencing both the benefits and woes of it, such as the healing and growth brought about through the reflective value of time (pro) and its degenerative effect on the body (con). 

According to Thoth, the vibrational dissipative effect of time on the human mind and body can be minimized or even transcended through:

(a) Shift in mindset – perceiving ourselves as a Timeless Be-ing; and

(b) Energy alignment – including, integrating the Self of different timelines and accessing the zero-point field of Earth 

(a) Shift in Mindset 

If ‘Be‘ can be equated to our God aspect i.e. the all-knowing and infinite mind that pre-exists creation, we can then regard the soul as the ‘Be-ing‘ i.e. God essence flow-ing into creation. Accordingly, what is eventually created ‘Be-comes‘ an expression and embodiment of the soul. An earth incarnate is an example of such an expression or vessel.

Being (locked) in time is an inevitable human experience for the purpose of healing, resolving karma and evolving the soul. Nevertheless, if we were to consciously energize the knowing that we are Timeless Be-ings descended on Earth to explore the world of physicality, rather than seeing ourselves merely as slaves of time, the re-programming of the body towards ageless living can then yield effective and sustainable results. 

(b) Energy Alignment through Time-Integration of Self and Zero-Point Field

Go to post Time is of the Soul Essence – Solstice Insights from Thoth to access the recording of Solstice healing gifted by Thoth. 


On this first full moon of 2020, may I wish for your new year resolutions and intentions to materialize in good time. 

Full Moon Blessings, Amara Tia Ann.


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