At the SoulTalk channeling course last year, a participant asked cosmic master Thoth for an indicative timeline for the possible re-emergence of Atlantis,  which would mean a collective 5th dimensional reality being re-created on Earth. I remember Thoth’s response quite vividly: “Whilst that eventuality cannot be marked by a linear timeline, it can occur when humanity remembers and reverts to the ancient practice of marking time and creating group experiences based on the cyclical rising and disappearance of the Sirius blue star from the Earth’s sky“.

Fast forward to this morning. When I was intuiting a theme to go with this first new moon message for 2020 and to kick off the new decade, my guides directed me to this article on the internet, Jersey Skies: The brightest star in the night sky makes an appearance this week” (by Kevin D. Conod, 20 January 2020). Could this ‘coincidence’ be an assurance from our Sirius guides of their unwavering support for our shared vision to manifest the New Atlantis expediently, and within this decade?

The author of the article also pointed out the connection between Sirius, ancient Egypt and Goddess Isis, which resonated deeply, too…”It was an important star to the Egyptians because in ancient times it rose around the time that the Nile River flooded, making it a critical part of their calendar. They named it after the goddess Sopdet (Isis)”.


For more perspectives on Goddess Isis and the significance of the Sirius star system to the star seeds incarnated on Earth, listen to the transmission received during our 2019 Egypt Sacred Tour: Significance of Sirius System (3min).  

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May this brightest star of our night sky shine upon your new moon wishes.

Blessings, Amara Tia Ann.


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