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As the Earth and ourselves continue to be entrained with the 5th dimensional (5D) light and sound frequencies transmitted through the galactic core (Sirius Great Central Sun), the rapid energy shifts occurring within the human body will inevitably be manifested as accelerated changes to our personal physical realities and increasingly so, our collective experiences too. Essentially, expanding into the 5D frequency is about harmonization and convergence of the Many into One while retaining the creative freewill of the Many.

If we were to actively participate in our awakening process by working alongside the Galactic Masters, by virtue of the integrative quality of the 5D consciousness we then become, we naturally catalyze the transformation of others.

When we heal One, we heal All

The thymus chakra of the human 5D light body (which directly influences the functionality of the thymus gland) is encoded with the properties to fulfill the above maxim:

  • Physical implication: When activated and sustained by the 5D faster pulsating light, the thymus chakra directly supports the health of the thymus gland (Heal One) and accordingly, boosts the immunity of the overall body so as to reduce the risks of physical illnesses and dis-eases setting on (Heal All)
  • Spiritual effect: with the activation of one’s thymus chakra (Heal One), the expression and mastery of Self Love in the physical reality (i.e. the divine quality of the heart chakra) is then elevated to that of universal love and compassion to be co-experienced and amplified in the collective world (Heal All)
Universal Heart Chakra

Affirmation for strengthening immunity and expanding into greater love: 

“As I breath in the consciousness of Universal Love, health and balance is restored in my body. As I breath out my intention to offer Compassion, peace and harmony is restored in the world.”  

Learn how to activate and maintain the vibratory vibrancy of the thymus and other 5D chakras for greater health and sustainable ascension at the Sirius Star Rising© Healing Course. Read more below…. 


Sirius Star Rising© Healing Course, April & June 

Course content includes composition of the 5D light body, such as the thymus and other higher chakras, axiational lines, Mer-Ka-Bah and their impact on our physiology. ‘Real-time’ transmissions and attunements from the Sirius High Council, channeled through the Egyptian deities Isis and Hathor, are expected to greatly enhance the learning, healing experiences and the results of the light body activation for the participants. No prior knowledge in energy healing is required.

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Upcoming Retreats

  1. “UNDAL – Building New Atlantis“, Retreat with Andromeda Star Council,   Bali, 7 to 11 October

Atlantis is Rising, and Rise, It Shall!  

This retreat is about rapidly awakening the mind, so it may out-picture the shared memories of Golden Atlantis as today’s common reality.

Atlantis will soon rise from the deep sea of our memories, for we – the pioneers of New Atlantis and guardians of New Earth – have heard its call.

Once again, the lightkeepers of Atlantis shall gather at Undal to witness its first Light. It’s time…it’s time.     


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2.   “HERALDING THE NEW LIGHT”, Egypt Sacred Tour, hosted by Galactic      Council of Light and Participating Star Nations, 13 to 23 November

    • Receive: gifts of new creation codes from our galactic star family through the time-honored lineages of the ancient Egypt mystery schools
    • Re-chart: your personal path towards becoming the Master of Love through service and devotion
    • Represent: humanity as the vessel for anchoring the Andromeda ascension energies for the first time on planet Earth through the Pyramid portals

         …and more

A 10-day pilgrimage culminating to Grand Initiation in Great Pyramid by Lords of the Seven Rays on 22.11


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Private Consultations Available In March

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New Moon Blessings, Amara Tia Ann.


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