During a recent consultation, a client lamented the frequent epsiodes of extreme exhaustion she has been experiencing lately, though there has not been any significant changes to her routine, lifestyle or physical condition. Interestingly enough, she has also observed herself becoming more intuitive and able to ‘watch’ and uplift her thoughts more expediently.

Her spirit guides attributed the (temporary) lethargic condition to mainly: (1.) Insufficient grounding of the higher-dimensional frequencies streaming through her subtle and physical bodies; (2) Less-than-optimal breathing capacity of the lungs. The following meditation was then channeled as a healing practice for my client.

You may adopt the practice if so guided.


(refer to diagram above)

  1. Sit in a meditative position, become aware of the rhythmic heartbeat in your body and the pulsating energy field all around you.
  2. Use your mind, or your hand if preferred, to imprint the element of FIRE on the right side of the body and along the same level as your upper chest. (intention: to engage and energize the lungs and thorax region with your awareness)
  3. Followed by imprinting the AIR element above the head, WATER to the left of the body and lastly, the EARTH element down below.
  4. Visualize these four sacred elements connected as a wheel of life to encase your body completely.
  5. Activate the wheel using your breaths:
    • Inhale slowly and deeply, and move your breath along the imaginary upper arc to awaken the FIRE, AIR and WATER elements
    • As you exhale gently along the lower arc, allow all toxins and negativity to be released and grounded into Mother Earth through the Earth element; also enabling your galactic and soul light to be weaved into the realm of physicality more effectively
    • Repeat the breathing cycle as many times as intuitively guided

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