Two nights ago, we gathered a group of 30 lightworkers from six continents – Australasia, Asia, Europe, Africa, South America and North America – for a world healing meditation led by several of our spirit guides. To me, as the facilitator, co-participant and beneficiary, I would say the meditation has truly fulfilled its theme of ‘Healing Hearts, Calming Minds’. Many heartfelt thanks to our friends for having enabled this inspiring experience to unfold so beautifully.

Intentions create. Loving intentions create powerfully. Loving intentions in unified action create exponentially

A new moon opens up a window for anchoring, disseminating and imbibing frequencies of renewal, regeneration and growth. Thus, I am guided to share the transmissions of ‘Healing Hearts, Calming Minds’, so that we could be joined in intention and action on this new moon in uplifting the World vibrationally. Collectively, we can choose to believe and see in our mind’s eye the Sun having arisen above the dark clouds!


LISTEN TO MEDITATION TRANSMISSIONS from Galactic Council, Ashtar Command, Archangel Metatron and Lord of Sirius


  • For a comprehensive experience, please listen to the audio recordings sequentially, as labelled; total 6 tracks
  • The images below are to supplement Track #3 (Merkabah Explanation) and support your visualization during the meditation 
  • If you are only keen on the meditation segment, jump to Track #5 – World Healing Meditation led by Lord of Sirius (27 min)
  • Access the recordings from ACAST blog if they do not appear or work well on this email
  • Meditate Together As A Unified Whole – window for listening to ‘Track #5 World Healing’ is between sunrise and sunset on 23 April 2020 according to your local timezone

1. Introducing the Guides (7 min)

2. Ashtar Command Speaks – The Transition (8 min)

3. Archangel Metatron – Merkabah Explanation (6 min)

4. Sequence of Meditation Explained (2 min)

5. Lord of Sirius – World Healing Meditation (27min)

6. In Great Pyramid- Gift of Galactic Intelligence (5 min)

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May All be Well, May All be Peace.  New Moon Blessings, Amara Tia Ann.


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