Last month, while conducting a group healing session, the Lady Master Isis came through with these critical messages: (1) the current downturn of global activities experienced on the material plane is, in fact, a time of spiritual rejuvenation; (2) the key to unlocking the spiritual forces now saturating the ‘air’ (our etheric environment) is to define and specify how we wish for self-love to be experienced.

An elaboration of her messages could be this:

1. Where we place our attention, we can become. As we are made to withdraw our attention from the external world arising from the global lockdown, more of us have regained or heightened our awareness of the spirit and creative potential that lies within us. What is being presented to humanity is, thus, a window to initiate a mass healing and vibrational upgrade to become (i.e. think, feel and act) more soul than matter. In this sense, a new cycle of spiritual rejuvenation has unfolded.

2. Anchoring expanded awareness through action and with love frequency. Having the awareness of our potentiality as soul is only half the equation of becoming. To actually begin to experience the healing and soul expansion, we must also act upon the awareness, as if to signal to Spirit our readiness to become more (basis: principle of freewill). The action suggested by Isis is to prescribe, through words or artistic creation, the manner in which we wish to experience self-love. Being a new moon, today could be the ideal time to action her love advice! 

Listen to full transmission from Lady Master Isis including an energy activation of the third eye chakra (runtime 7 min):

Isis on Spiritual Rejunvenation

or access recording from ACAST blog 


As one of my dearest spirit guides, I connect with Lady Master Isis as more of a galactic being originated from the star system of Sirius. Under her guidance and that of Hathor (personification of Pleiades), I will be presenting this course in the second half of 2020 as a timely resource for accelerating your self-healing and awakening as a powerful soul being. 

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Stay tuned for new online program launching in June!


New Moon Blessings, Amara Tia Ann.

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