At the recent masterclass “Understanding Consciousness“, a participant sent in a question regarding the inter-connection between ascension, love and alignment with Source. I didn’t get to transmit the guides’ views during the session as we ran out of time.

As I extended my radar this morning hoping to get some inspiration for a full moon article, quite unexpectedly, the Ascended Master El Morya (Chohan of the First Ray) signaled he would love to take up the unanswered question. An Ascended Master offering his perspectives on ascension…how very apt!

“During the times of the ancient mystery schools, learning and living the paths of ascension was the sole mission of all the initiates and disciples who were themselves ensouled by the inner plane spiritual hierarchy. Depending on the personality ray they were incarnated with, each initiate would be taught a different framework of ascension processes by LIFE. That is to say, the ray qualities and virtues seeded in their soul memory would cause the initiates to attract vibrationally-matching opportunities and trials on their journey towards achieving ascension. For instance, initiates of the First Ray trained to perfect the use of divine fire (*Flame of the Divine Word) to ignite new evolutionary waves of human thinking as they underwent spiritual tests involving determination, will power, leadership and courage. To illustrate the distinction, the Second Ray initiates focused on the mastery of love and wisdom (*Compassion of the Sacred Heart) through the devotional acts of teaching, healing and caring for the sick and overcoming lessons of self-forgiveness.

Ascension can be understood as the overall mind-body training to fully activate and live the consciousness of one as the Source; and initiation into the Ray practices and philosophies is one path for actualising the goal of ascension aspired by humanity.

I am El Morya, embracing you in the highest truths that you shall seek out and become.”

Insertions by Amara Tia Ann
* Embedded within each of the seven rays dispensed by the Ray Masters (Chohans) is a unique gift of divinity. When all these gifts are explored and expressed to perfection by humanity, they become the living truth of oneness in diversity. Flame of the Divine Word and Compassion of the Sacred Heart, referred to in El Morya’s message, are the divine gifts accorded to the First and Second Ray initiates respectively.

A Full Moon Eclipse Gift from the Ray Masters

The Rainbow Audio Booklet is a teaching resource I created several years ago under the guidance of the Office of the Seven Rays of the spiritual hierarchy. These transmissions contained information on vibrational properties and human potential (in terms of our virtues) coded into each ray. Imbibing the ray frequencies on a regular basis can help to enhance our soul qualities and would be useful for rebalancing and grounding our awareness during times when the energies on Earth are being heightened.  

Read introductory article and download audio teachings.

Listen to The Rainbow synopsis.

Living Your Star Light© Healing Workshop Announcement

Just as there are multiple facets to light and octaves to sound, I believe there are several aspects and paths to ascension. Besides practising the science of rays, another approach towards ascension can be expanding our multi-dimensional light vehicles through entrainment with evolved star systems including the Pleiades, Sirius and Arcturus – this being the intention underlying this online healing workshop.

Read workshop description.

Important Update: The workshop scheduled for 14 (Part 1) and 21 June (Part 2) is now fully booked. We are exploring the possibility of starting another class if there is sufficient interest. For the convenience of ACAST friends based in the United States and Canada, the timing for the additional class will be from 9am to 11am Singapore Time or GMT+8.

Email to indicate your interest to participate in the next class (dates to be confirmed).


Full Moon Blessings, Amara Tia Ann.

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