Of late, more clients have raised this question during their reading sessions: “I am feeling more insecure about my job and my ability to generate enough money. How can I improve my manifestations, so that I can better take care of my physical and financial needs?”

The advice from the guides were along these lines:

  • Examine our attitude and belief about money which reflects, to some degree, our sense of self-worth.

Do we feel whole, complete and worthy of experiencing the abundance of the universe? Do we embrace the idea of money as one of the expressions of this abundance? 

  • How is the flow of energy around and through the lower chakras i.e. Root, Sacral and Solar Plexus?

These are the energy vortices within the body directly affecting our experiences concerning physical survival, protection, ‘tribal’ or familial connections, money (as a resource), living our passion as a vocation and engaging our divine power. 

Besides regularly restoring the light and vibratory frequency of these chakras through healings and meditations, it is necessary to also perform physical exercises to enhance the blood flow and to release the tension in the muscles of the lower body where these energy centres are ‘located’; such as squats, pelvic floor exercises, hip flexor stretches and core work, if fitness level allows.

  • Engaging the Root and Sacral chakra for quicker manifestation.

In addition to using the third eye chakra or heart chakra to manifest an intention – this being a commonly adopted technique – we can yield quicker results by engaging the energy potential of the lower chakras, especially for fulfilling our material needs and desires. The process involves:

      1. Consciously ‘pulling’ the in-breath up from the root chakra (base of spine, the coccyx) into the pelvic region (sacral chakra) and along the center of the body until the breath reaches the third eye chakra (center of brain)
      2. Hold the breath to the count of 5
      3. Release the out-breath through the third eye chakra, along with an imagery of the desire being completely manifested
      4. Feel into the emotion of gratitude overflowing from the heart chakra

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Blessings, Amara Tia Ann.

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