The galactic frequencies made accessible to Earth were exceptionally potent in the last three months. As a means of ‘capturing’ and anchoring these glittering sparks of galactic intelligence flowing into the Earth realm, I was urged by a group of enlightened beings – the Lemuria Elders of inner earth – to put together a meditation event, ‘Song of the Sacred Elements’, on the full moon of May. With the loving presence of 40 other lightworkers, the meditation unfolded as a profound soul remembrance experience for some of us, opening up the space for embracing and honoring our collective Lemuria heritage and thus, allowing our galactic potential to actualise even faster.  

Additionally, from our perspective as dwellers on the plane of physicality, there can be no better way of locking-in the prevalent cosmic frequencies (“As Above”) than through the inner earth and with the sacred elements which constituted the physical body (“So Below”). Needless to say, we were totally grateful to the guides for having convened this special meeting of the hearts.

With today’s new moon being flanked wonderfully by an annular solar eclipse and the solstice, it may well be the ideal opportunity for sharing the ‘Song of the Sacred Elements’ transmissions with All.   

Suggestions on how to use these transmissions

  1. Listen to the recordings sequentially, as labelled, to have a more enriching connection with the energies and messages channeled 
  2. Listen to Track 3, ‘Meditation Approach Explained’, and refer to diagram below before you begin the meditation (Track 4)

Track 1. Invocation with Group Merkabah (8min)

Track 2. Humanity’s Connection with Lemuria and the Elements (14min)

Track 3. Meditation Approach Explained (2min)

Track 4. Inner Earth Meditation with Lemuria Elders (18min)

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Blessings on this ultra special day, Amara Tia Ann.

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