– Connecting You to Your Star Lineages –

5 July (Part 1) and 12 July 2020 (Part 2)

Full Moon Lunar Eclipse

Channeled and Facilitated by Amara Tia Ann

If you have missed out on the first run of this stellar healing workshop led by the Pleiades-Sirius-Arcturus star trinity, you might wish to catch the repeat session in July. Read more…

Hear and see what workshop participant, Sian, has to share…

“It has been such an amazing opportunity to be part of your Understanding Consciousness’ Masterclass and now, the Living Your Star Light healing workshop. I have learnt so much and loved the way you presented all your materials.You really do assist us in feeling..sensing..expanding our inner knowing of our multi-dimensional selves. I’m soooo excited to practise all what we have received not only for my growth but to be in Divine service.  Putting on the 7th dimensional light garment in today’s session was sooo clear…silver..platinum..white diamond sparkles and to bring that down!!! Welll….⚡I am in heaven.

Video below is another grid that I was urged to create after our session….the words Transparency and Purity came through that were to be reflected through the grid.”

Sian Jewell, UK, 21st June 2020

[video: Diamond grid by Sian]


light expansion through nurturing our nature

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Blessings, Amara Tia Ann

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