July marks the new year for the ancient Egyptians. Although different sources quoted slightly different dates as the exact New Year’s Day, almost all agree it falls in the month of July which coincides with the annual flooding of the Nile and the helical rising of the Sirius blue star. The archaeo-astronomer, E.C. Krupp, has shared, “After disappearing from the night sky for 70 days, Sirius eventually reappears in the dawn, before the Sun comes up. The first time this occurs each year is called the star’s helical rising, and on this day Sirius remains visible for only a short time before the sky gets too bright to see it. In ancient Egypt, this annual reappearance of Sirius fell close to the summer solstice and coincided with the time of the Nile’s inundation.” Metaphorically, Sirius was regarded as having revived the Nile and given birth to the new year.

As a highly evolved star civilization, Sirius serves as the gateway to the heart of our galaxy and plays a significant role in supporting the evolution of mankind.


While cruising along the Nile last November with a group of earth angels, Lady Master/Goddess Isis – known to the ancient Egyptians as the Divine Mother and Goddess of 10,000 Names – came through with the following transmissions:

Background to Track 2: Our group received an initiation at the Philae temple of Goddess Isis located in the city of Aswan. Thereafter, water from the Nile that surrounds the Philae temple was infused with Isis blessings and shared among the tour participants for cleansing the body of distorted frequencies and memory imprints.


Ascension Codes from Sirius High Council 

To optimize today’s full moon eclipse energies which are particularly potent and in resonance with the feminine principles of receptivity and healing, I have been asked to share a light language transmission gifted by the Sirius High Council and Goddess Isis. Other intentions coded in the transmission are:

  • In tribute to the Nile – as a key symbolism of our celestial connection with Sirius anchored during the times of the Pharaohs
  • To honour the water element of our metaphysical self
  • To purify the emotional body

Suggested meditation steps:

  1. Hold a glass of drinking water in both hands at the level of your heart chakra
  2. Tune in to the energy of the Nile using video below (footage from ACAST Egypt Sacred Tour November 2019)
  3. Listen to Light Language transmission (Track 3 below)
  4. Drink the ‘blessed’ water mindfully
  5. Bring about the emotion of gratitude through your heart

Access audio tracks from blog page if the links do not work on your email.



Led by Goddess Isis (of Sirius origin) and Hathor (Pleiades), this course was designed as a timely resource for enhancing our self-healing ability and awakening our galactic light bodies.

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Update on session dates:

  • Singapore 18 and 19 July – Registration closes on 10th July. Arrangements for conducting a live and in-person session are being finalised.
  • Hong Kong, Manila and Penang sessions – please contact the respective country co-ordinates for the latest dates/arrangements.
  • Email info@acast.me for general enquiries


Full Moon Eclipse Blessings, Amara Tia Ann

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