Lady Nada is one of the Ascended Masters whom I work with regularly. As a member of the Karmic Board of the Spiritual Hierarchy, she has supported me greatly in expanding my knowledge about karma and the clearing and transcendence of negative karmic imprints as integral to the ascension process.

On another level of consciousness, I connect with Lady Nada in her (soul) capacity as a High Priestess of ancient Atlantis and the patroness of the Temple of Love. In fact, as recent as in 2019, Lady Nada hosted the workshop SoulTalk’, with the intention of enhancing our channeling ability, in order that we can access our soul wisdom more proficiently for navigating the current turbulent times with greater ease and confidence.

Full Moon Energy Gifts

May the following energy gifts from Lady Nada (transmitted at SoulTalk and as language of light encodements) serve to bring about a quickened remembrance of your soul abilities and wisdom!

Slides below provide the background reference to these energy transmissions.


Listen to these transmissions sequentially:

  1. Initiation to Lady Nada at Temple of Love (7 min)
  2. Activation of Higher Senses of Perception (3 min)

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Happening on 8.8. 2020, SERPENTS OF LIGHT – Igniting Your Divine Creative Fire is an online meditation commissioned by the Star Council of Orion and the Goddess Sekhmet of Egyptian lineage. 

Fully booked. However, you are welcome to connect with the group energetically between 2pm to 3pm Singapore time (GMT+8) to benefit from the empowering presence of these Guides. 


Full Moon Blessings, Amara Tia Ann

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