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When the student is ready, the assignment gets started! 😊

After waiting out for countless moon cycles, we are finally placing A.C.A.S.T. on social media to enable more of us to connect with and benefit from the eternally generous and loving vibrations of our guides.

Why ‘Avatars of New Evolution’? @avatarsofnewevolution 

When this account name was dropped into my head 3 weeks ago, I didn’t question why … it simply resonated. Even the slogan ‘Be in the League of the Game Masters’ sounded really cool!

It was not until very recently that the guides revealed their intention:

  • New Evolution: an era where the essence of spirituality – unity, love, mutual respect – is infused into everyday living for the wellness of All
  • Avatars: those of us ready to share our unique and varied talents with the world in the name of unity, love and mutual respect

In essence, we hope for our Instagram account to serve as a platform for collaboration and celebration of ‘unity consciousness in diversity’, in addition to providing regular snippets of LIGHT-hearted wisdom from the Divine.

As Game Masters, we can choose to seed a new era and actively co-create a new common reality with the higher vibrations of unity, love and mutual respect.

Our nature is cosmic consciousness, so is everything that interfaces, permeates and surrounds us.

Our calling is to evolve, expand and awaken, so we may understand and realise our unlimited cosmic potentiality..

Extracted from initiatory poem “Who Are We?”. Full poem at @avatarsofnewevolution

INAUGURAL COLLABORATION – Crystals for En-lightening Negative Mental Attitudes

Kicking off our Avatars-in-Collaboration series on Instagram is crystal therapy for re-programming mental attitudes – a collaboration between myself and one of our dear friends, Ah Dow, a crystal enthusiast and initiate of cosmic master Thoth. Check it out…

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Full Moon Blessings, Amara Tia Ann.

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