Two years ago, I connected with an Avalon priestess, Coleentina, just before our Scotland Sacred Tour. See below for her message to our group.

Her ‘re-appearance’ today is truly a pleasant surprise when she invited me to channel and share a blessing of Peace, Love and Divine Knowing (transmitted through Language of Light) to honour this Equinox.

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Message from Avalon Priestess Coleentina, 2017

Dear Ones

I speak to you through the invisible veil of dimensions. You may not see me in form but I am sure if you were to still your heart, you will feel me. I was of Avalon descendancy when in physical embodiment thousands of Earth-years ago. I was a priestess then, trained in magic, oracle and mediumship. It is with this soul experience as an inter-dimensional channel that I can remain able to communicate with beings from Earth.

The Celtic eras which prevailed a significant part of the United Kingdom history were, in fact, extensions and variations of the Avalon ages. The Avalon culture which was so integrally connected with Nature and her elements remains deeply imprinted in the memory grids of Earth.

When you visit the Pitlochry Highlands this Autumn, it will be a great pleasure for us, the Avalon priestesshood, to guide you through the inner Earth portal in search of your own magic and powers.

I am Priestess Coleentina. May your heart always be filled with the purity of the elements.”

Channeled by Amara Tia Ann

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Equinox Blessings, Amara Tia Ann

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