Last weekend’s workshop ‘OF BITS & BYTES – Plugging into a New Matrix came with astounding galactic intelligence and energy codes, all of which were transmitted and explained elegantly by the overarching energy known as Col-Lee-She’a, my guide from the Arcturus Star Council. As their messenger and energy decoder, the entrainment experience with the 7th dimensional world of the Arcturians has been HUGE for me and I believe, for many of the participants too.

Participant, Sian Jewell, described graphically her experience during the energy transmissions (thanks, Sian, for your sharing these beautiful insights):

Suspended in the Universe …O My, the vastness (It was like what you see in Star Wars or Star Trek……sheer darkness yet not…stars …planets within…without…and there was our Merkabah in the centre of the Stillness……and I felt lines of energy/information flowing from the other Galaxies towards us as to was Arcturus.

The microcrystals around the Pineal gland being tuned up….made me smile as I was not sure if it was me adding more or they just surrounded it…the more the merrier 😊

The Arcturian presence felt sooooooo TALL …

I felt like sketching….as most things came through as “Feelings” yet somehow, I can interpret them (drawings below)

I feel soooo Deeeeply nourished and excited…WOW to what you and your Team offered us today.



Among the key concepts expounded were that of Mind and Reality.

  • Mind – Vessel with dimensional encodings for perceiving and interpreting vibrational frequencies with which it interacts
  • Reality – Projection, representation and reflection of the vibrational frequencies being processed by the Mind

The human mind, as a vessel originally programmed with 3rd dimensional encodings, tends to interpret, project and depict energy frequencies as lower-order realities of mirroring fear and lack. However, when subject to sufficient and effective vibratory entrainment (upgrade), the encodings of the mind can be expanded to:

  1. offer us wider interpretations and more evolved perceptions of our current realities
  2. bring about a greater resonance with higher frequencies and thus, only higher-order realities that reflects our love essence as divine beings.

The following technique, gifted by the Arcturus Star Council, was designed based on the above principle.

This practice is also available in audio (live recording from workshop):

Go to blog if audio link does not appear on your email.

Priming the Body

For a deeper entrainment with the 7D platinum frequency used in the practice and especially, if you have not worked with the Arcturus frequencies previously, I recommend listening to the following energy attunement first to prime your energy body (recording from 2018 Alchemy of Horus workshop).


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