I often receive this query from clients and friends: how do I protect myself from the negative and harsh energy environment that I am in?

The guidance that came through is becoming more wholesome and elegant as we continue to evolve our consciousness…

Key principles transmitted:  

  • As energy beings, we are shaped by the vibrational frequencies of our conscious intentions as much as our subconscious and routine thinking.
  • When we think of ‘protection’, our body begins to operate in a defensive mode and the message signaled to the energy body is that the outside environment has power and control over our internal state of being. This causes our auric field to shrink and invokes fear, uncertainty, and stress in the body.        
  • When we consciously choose and think of ‘expansion’, the mind is being reinforced with the belief that we, as enlivened consciousness, are the creator of our own external experiences and accordingly, we possess the power to affect and influence the environment. The notion of protection then becomes irrelevant which helps to bring about the emotions of peace, serenity and restores the homeostatic balance and harmony in the body.

On this expansionary note, I would like to share a meditation recently transmitted by the Arcturian guides (ref: workshop ‘Of Bits & Bytes’) which encompasses the above principles. The beauty of the meditation is that it addresses the objective of protection through energy self-sustenance and intra-body expansion, rather than having us focus specifically on ‘protection’.

Meditation Steps:

More on Universal Heart Chakra (also known as Thymus chakra)

Also read ‘Of Bits & Bytes’ workshop synopsis

Group Meditation (online) 15.11.2020

This upcoming meditation feels like an intricately-designed fabric of vibrations intended to offer healing/expansion for our physical and subtle bodies in a fully integrated manner.

Physical + Emotional + Mental + Light Bodies Rebalancing through…

Fire element (Suns) + Water element (Lake Titicaca)

Past (ancient Inca civilisation) + Future (galactic human potential)

Below (Inti, God Sun of Inca) + Above (Sirius, Pleiades and Zion central suns)

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Blessings, Amara Tia Ann

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