One of the greatest takeaways for me at the recent meditation, RESURGENCE, was understanding Time and Space from a new perspective offered by the Guides. In this post, we shall talk about Time.


At the quantum level (i.e. within the Mind of God), all possible realities come into existence simultaneously at the point of Creation and they revolve around the three planes of potentiality, namely Time, Space and Intentionality.

For the 3rd dimensional (3D) human world:

  • Due to the perceptual limitations of our conscious mind, Time is experienced as linear and forward-moving, as if realities can only be manifested and experienced uni-directionally, i.e. from past to future.
  • Resulting from the fear-based programs underlying the collective sub-conscious mind, for most people, our ‘past’ realities tend to be remembered and repeated as emotionally unfulfilling moments, i.e. programmed with lower vibrational emotions such as regret, disappointment, guilt, anger, etc.

Consequential to these two influences, the ‘future’ realities we magnetise to ourselves are likely to mirror our ‘past’, even though there are countless other possibilities co-existing in the dimensional fields beyond our 3D awareness.


Energy Transmissions: Connecting with The Pleiades World of Now-time

One of the parameters defining the 4th dimensional world of the Pleiades is non-linear time, or the Now-time. Aligning and entraining our heart’s electro-magnetic field with that of Pleiades (both patterned as spinning toroidal fields) is one effective way of vibrationally upgrading our neurological system, so we may easily attract joyous and other emotionally-lighter experiences, independent of the memories of our ‘past’ realities and uni-directional limitation of linear time.

Such an energy alignment was transmitted by the Lord of Pleiades at the RESURGENCE Meditation and we’d love to share it on this full moon lunar eclipse!

Listen to the transmissions:


Watch RESURGENCE Meditation full video (runtime 1 hour)



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