When I learnt that the total solar eclipse expected on 14 December 2020 will be visible from much of South America where Lake Titicaca is located, it felt totally apt to now share a particular energy transmission which was anchored on the Island of the Sun of Lake Titicaca during our recent RESURGENCE meditation.

As long as we are aligned with the intention of accelerated ascension, the powerful cosmic energies released through a solar eclipse can be channeled towards reprogramming and recoding the brain to rapidly activate our innate galactic intelligence. Further, if we were to direct the eclipse catalytic force towards firing-up the ancient codes of our collective galactic heritage, remembered through the waters of Earth (especially powerful portals such as Lake Titicaca), not only will the eclipse expansionary effect become exponential for us individually, it can be disseminated to a much wider segment of humanity through the common element of water. For this reason, we are so pleased to be sharing this transmission from Zion – the 5th dimensional aspect of our Sun – for boosting our mental capacity as the awakening galactic humans.

Connect with the Island of the Sun or Lake Titicaca through your heart chakra while listening to transmission recordings (ideally during the eclipse):

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Closing the year 2020 with A Big Bang and a New Legacy – Solstice Meditation, 21st Dec 2020

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