❤️Gratitude ❤️

A multitude of thanks to all who have contributed to the unfolding of an extraordinary Solstice Meditation experience. Your collective presence, by way of attention and intention, has enabled a wider dissemination of the Solstice energy gifts and messages (below). Thank you!

Beginning a New Era as the Pleiadian-Humans of 4th Dimensional Earth!

Why and How?

Watch video – excerpts of Solstice messages and energy transmissions:

  • 00:00 Our karmic past with Pleiades 
  • 04:43 Significance of 21.12.2020 for awakening Pleiadian-Self of 4D consciousness
  • 07:16 Becoming a 4D embodiment through biogenesis
  • 12:00 Energy Activation: Gift of Ascension Flame
  • 20:08 Scripting A New Legacy

Video is also accessible HERE.



After a year of Galactic frequencies immersion, I will be taking a break from group channeling and teaching work in the coming few months. To support you in assimilating these massive frequencies grounded through our 2020 workshops and meditations, please look up the essential transmissions and synopsis under Pearls of Wisdom and leave us with your comments and feedback. We’d love to hear from you!

Private consultations (online) will be available from 4 Jan 2021. Email info@acast.me to book/enquire.


Wishing ALL a new year filled with miracles and awe!


Blessings, Amara Tia Ann, Andy.

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