Possibly the most significant revelation from the guides at last month’s Solstice Meditation – A New Legacy was this: the 4th strand DNA in our star-human divine blueprint is being activated rapidly and will also materialize as a physical DNA to be co-joined with the existing 3rd DNA strand as a new double-helix coded into our upgraded 4th dimensional (4D) vessel. Simply put, humanity is fast being awakened as the Pleiades-Human race, catalysed by both our stellar heritage and collective Lemuria memories (Lemuria was an Earth colony of the Pleiades in ancient times).

Watch Solstice Meditation video excerpts for more.  


I have long been told that the planet Venus is aligned with the 4D Pleiades system as the latter’s lower octave and expression. Attuning our etheric body to Venus and the Venusian beings can, therefore,  provide an even greater impetus and momentum for fully embodying our Pleiades nature as LOVE and JOY. It is with this intention that the guides have asked that I share the following love blessing on this first new moon of 2021!

Listen to: Attunement to Venus led by Greek Goddess Aphrodite (runtime: 8min).

Attunement transmitted at 2015 workshop “BE LOVE, BE LOVED: celebrating soulmate reunions.”

As we begin this new era of be-coming the Pleiades-Human legacy, may Aphrodite, the Goddess of love, beauty and fertility, guide you to greater self-love.


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New Moon Blessings! Amara Tia Ann.

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