What is the New Legacy we are ready to script out as the awakened Pleiades-Human specie?

For elaboration, read post and watch accompanying video (24min): The Ascension Flame – Igniting the New Legacy as the Pleiadian-Humans 


True to what the guides have foretold, since the Solstice of last December, I have witnessed many more Lightworkers not only awakened to their spiritual gifts, but also courageously stepping forward to be the beacons of light during this momentous time of the new emerging from the old.

One such friend of ours is Ariyah.

A few days ago, I have the privilege of being the first audience of an inspriring message channeled by Ariyah. I immediately recognized the embedded energies as Lord Sananda’s (commonly known as Master Jesus). In his capacity as a member of Ashtar Command, Lord Sananda nudged Ariyah to share his words with All who are ready to also serve as willing catalysts of consciousness evolution.

Read Lord Sananda’s message below.

I recommend using the following pattern to anchor your beingness at the same time. Visualise the Eye of Horus at your heart chakra.       

[Message received by Ariyah on Feb.02, 2021]

“It is time.

You are ready to embody all aspects of your soul from every lifetime, every dimension.

It is time to activate all of your spiritual gifts learned and acquired in order to help humanity.

You agreed to stay.

Embody all of your light and transmute energy.

Help the Earth.

You help lift the frequency of all by your intention and by your presence. It is that easy for you. You have the keys.

You can choose any career path. It is your energy that you bring to it and through it that is your purpose.

You are a natural healer with more power than your current reality is showing. You know deep in your heart this to be true.

You have direct access to guides anytime. You hear us, feel us, smell us through fragrance. You see us the instant you close your eyes.

Now is the time to acknowledge who you really are, where you come from.

It is time to unlock all your potential and allow your being to receive the activations needed to maintain your chosen position on the grid.

May your physical body maintain excellent health to transmute lower energies with ease and grace. May it be a pure vessel to hold and provide the highest light for humanity.

May your mental body be sharp and focused in order to function in this reality and successfully attain goals needed to progress with your soul’s purpose on Earth.

May your emotional body be at peace and express hope and joy.

May your spirit soar at its highest potential. May it inspire others and remind all of the real and blissful presence of God in all areas of being.

It is time to clear all negative conscious and subconscious programming from your own experiences and from the lineages you are meant to clear.

You will reprogram with frequencies and belief systems that do the following:

  • Nurture self-love
  • Create abundance and joy
  • Cultivate your gifts
  • Manifest your goals

These frequencies will inspire others to ignite their light within.

This is your role in the ascension process at this time.

You have our blessings, guidance and protection at all times.

Thank you.”

Our gratitude to Ariyah for sharing her wonderful channeling gift and pure frequencies.


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New Moon Blessings, Amara Tia Ann.

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