About the Workshop Video:

How it all started…

In recent weeks, questions relating to soulmates and twin flames popped up quite often during my private consultations with clients, especially after the Solstice Meditation in last December.

Such an intensified yearning to physically reunite with one’s soulmates and soul family could be catalyzed by the ongoing alchemical process of the 3rd DNA strand magnetizing its soul-counterpart (i.e.4th DNA strand of Pleiadian essence) to materialize a new and vibrationally upgraded double-helix in the human body.

“…the 4th strand DNA in our star-human divine blueprint is being activated rapidly and will also materialize as a physical DNA to be co-joined with the existing 3rd DNA strand as a new double-helix coded into our upgraded 4th dimensional (4D) vessel. Simply put, humanity is fast being awakened as the Pleiades-Human race, catalyzed by both our stellar heritage and collective Lemuria memories (Lemuria was an Earth colony of the Pleiades in ancient times).” – excerpt from post ‘New Moon Attunement to Venus’


As a means to explore soulmate connections deeper and for us to be vibrationally entrained towards manifesting such relationships, I recently channeled a Valentine’s workshop, Be Love, Be Loved, for a handful of friends/clients.

We are most thankful to have the etheric twin flames Lord Sananda and Lady Nada as the leading guides, in addition to the wise and gentle overarching presence of the Pleiadians.

Workshop Video Now Available! 

If the above intentions speak to you, you’re welcome to check out the workshop video.

Please allow 2-3 days turnaround time.  🙏


May you Be Love, May you Be Loved!

Full Moon Blessings, Amara Tia Ann.

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