Revealed by my Guides recently, this coming Equinox will spark off a series of time-portals available in 2021 for expanding into and synthesizing the larger spectrum of cosmic frequencies we are now capable of accessing that will further support our personal and humanity’s spiritual awakening (scroll down for new workshop specially curated for this Equinox).

When we connect with such time-portals collectively, and with a common intention of soul expansion, we can then ride along the heavenly stairways (vibrational space-portals) to probe into the more evolved consciousness that lies ‘beyond’ the Milky Way.

Relative to the human’s and earth’s third-dimensional energy body, the Pleiades Central Sun can be regarded as the entrance to these heavenly stairways.  In this sense, the Pleiades System and her consciousness is said to be humanity’s collective soul, vibrationally speaking.


Receive Pleiades Attunement on this New Moon

Whether it is for:

  • deepening your existing connection with your Pleiadian Guides
  • quickening the unfoldment of your 4th-dimensional Pleiades-Self
  • aligning your energy body to the celestial bridge explained above, or
  • all of these and more

the Lord of Pleiades certainly wishes for you to receive this energy gift with an open heart and a curious mind.

Listen to Pleiades Central Sun attunement transmitted in Light Language (runtime 3min).

(If the audio link does not work on your email, go to blog article to access it)

Equinox Workshops Announcement


led by Metatron, Melchizedek, Mahatma

In-person session: 20th March, Singapore.

Online session: 27th and 28th March

By whom: Powered by three superbly vast consciousness – all of which ‘reside’ far beyond the Milky Way – these new workshops will bring through energy activations, tools and insights to enable a powerful self-awakening and expansion from within.

What It Is About: The Metatron’s Cube is not only a body of universal intelligence patterned into the human energy template; in fact, it is the ideal toolbox for practising and mastering the skills of self-healing, realities navigation and creation, and to support us towards achieving ascension to our soul.  

  • Program and Registration Info
  • Email for enquiries
  • 2 seats left for in-person session on 20th March, Singapore
  • Registration for online session closes on 24th March.


New Moon Blessings, Amara Tia Ann

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