In the initial years of my journey as a healer and channel, I worked extensively with the Ascended Masters who taught the importance of embracing and honoring the human-ness in us. They reiterated consistently that embedded within the human virtues and qualities (e.g. personality rays) lies our divinity and Godlike potential. It is by accepting and cultivating the human divine nature through compassion that we may attain enlightenment of the mind and ascension of the body. The vibrational entrainment with and wisdom learned from these Masters have, undoubtedly, created a strong and balanced foundation for my continuous exploration of spiritual energies as a healer and initiate of the Spiritual Hierarchy.


A couple of nights ago, I had the privilege of serving as the messenger for Lord Buddha and the Ascended Masters to receive and disseminate the Force of Enlightenment dispensed annually via the esoteric event known as the Wesak Full Moon Festival.

The Metta (Loving Kindness) Prayer was also recited at the end of the ceremony to stimulate the remembrance of compassion as a healing force and the highest expression of the human divine quality. 

Wesak Festival Proceeding (image source:

If it resonates, connect with the meditation proceeding to imbibe the golden blessings from Lord Buddha and the Ascended Masters for your soul healing and to enable his Light to radiate further and permeate through the minds of Man.  As we heal One, we heal All.

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May You Be Well and Happy, Be All Be Well and Happy!


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