As I was feeling into the possible empowering messages or energy tools to share on this new moon, the Pleiades guides led me to a couple of meditation practices which were channeled during our Masterclass last year – UNDERSTANDING CONSCIOUSNESS, From Inside Out.

In principle, we can choose to reset our intentions every day and in fact, every moment of the day. That said, given that the human biology is much connected to and affected by the lunar phases, I believe it is on/around new moons that our intention to create afresh in the 28 days to come is at its greatest potency (1 lunar cycle = 28 days).

If magnetising a new reality for your enjoyment and appreciation, and as a true reflection of your soul’s desire is your intention for this new lunar cycle, you may then find the following two-pronged practice useful.

Prelude to practices:

  • Thoughts and mental pictures are our inner realities. For them to be transformed effortlessly into physical realities for our enjoyment, we will require elevated emotions as the effective catalyst.
  • Part 1 is the foundational work of wiring high-vibrational emotions into our neural system, so we may arouse and sustain these emotions as our default emotional states and/or to apply its effects for Part 2 of the practice
  • Part 2 engages the 3 aspects of consciousness – light, sound and sacred geometries – for manifesting higher-order realities. You may practice Part 2 independently of Part 1  

Part 1 Practice: Elevating Emotions with Sound Frequencies

Watch workshop video excerpt: Elevating Emotions with Sound Frequencies (runtime: 4min)

Part 2 Practice: Re-shaping My Reality

Watch workshop video excerpt: Re-shaping My Reality (runtime: 4min)


New Moon Blessings, Amara Tia Ann.

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