The following teaching was among several transmitted by Archangel Michael and 9 other Archangels at last Sunday’s Solstice Meditation ‘EL MAL’AKH: Angels’ Sounds of Recreation‘.  I am immensely grateful to the mighty Archangels for their boundless love and eternal embrace.  

Different energy frequencies possess different qualities in order to fulfill the evolutionary needs of the cosmos. In the case of expanding the human consciousness to beyond its 3rd dimensional (3D) awareness, it is the crystalline frequency present in the human chakra system that will catalyze the materialization of our 5D light body and thus, accelerate the soul remembrance of ourselves as descendants of the Adam Kadmon race (‘divine man created in the perfect image of God’). Furthermore, restoring and activating the human crystalline body will also bring about great health benefits.

Listen to more insights on the crystalline body and the activation protocol (audio runtime: 4 min)

Receive activation from the Archangels (runtime: 5 min)

Explanatory diagrams:


Full Moon Blessings, Amara Tia Ann.

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