As Above: Ascending to the 5th-Dimension Silica Light Body

From experience, the presence of Lady Master Isis and the Sirian light beings tend to be unusually prominent in July, which in turn is associated with the New Year of ancient Egypt, as I know it to be. Prompted by these guides (albeit at short notice 😇), I facilitated a meditation last weekend, themed “Heralding the New Light”, to ‘capture’ the galactic ascension codes made accessible through the ancient Egypt New Year time (memory) portal.  

The ascension programs so channeled will serve to activate our light vehicle known as the Silica body (silica = an oxide of Silicon).

Listen to transmission (runtime 5 min)

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So Below: Healing and Strengthening Human Physiology

A healthy and robust physical body will greatly enable these galactic frequencies to be well assimilated and locked into the sub-atomic vibrational space of our cells and thus, realize their expansionary effects on our spiritual DNA.     

For this purpose, Isis has gifted the following healing program for releasing density and revitalizing our various anatomical systems.   

Channeled on this full moon, here’s the suite of Isis healing sounds (runtime: 5min)

Application suggestion: Listen to healing track daily for 5 consecutive days and, thereafter, as and when you need a little more vitality.

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Full Moon Blessings, Amara Tia Ann

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