Are you needing or wanting to….

  • perk up the body with light-er vibrations?
  • detoxify the body for greater vitality?
  • ‘upgrade’ memory patterns and mental programming of the body?
  • deepen telepathic connection with Arcturus star beings of the 7th dimensional world?
  • actualize the manifestation potential of our galactic-human heritage through effective mind-body alignment?
  • be nurtured by the goddess qualities of surrendering, forgiveness and receptivity?
  • activate and imbibe the inherent power of symbol ‘8’?

If so, ‘Transforming Realities, from Inside Out‘ – a specially curated healing cum meditation session – awaits your lovely presence!

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Registration Info

Date – 8 August 2021, Sunday. Lion’s Gate

Time – 2pm to 3:15pm Singapore time (GMT+8). Check time conversion  

Facility – Zoom conferencing. Meeting link will be provided upon registration confirmation

Fees – Singapore Dollars SGD22 per person

Payment Methods – HERE

Register – Email with caption “Join 8.8 Meditation’ and attach your payment details for confirming your registration

Registration closes on 6 Aug.

Me receiving an attunement from Sekmet, Karnak Temple, Egypt, 2008.

8️8️8️8️ 8️8️8️8️

Blessings, Amara Tia Ann

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