Every cell in our body carries thoughts, most of which are memories. If these memories remain coded with dense emotions and feelings, not only will our health be impaired over time (as prana or life force is being drained away), the effects of our manifestation practices will also be much undermined. In other words, to yield quick and consistent manifestation results, there must be a continuous vibrational match between the intentions generated by the mind and the thinking tendencies of the body.

The Lion’s Gate meditation “TRANSFORMING REALITIES, FROM INSIDE OUT” was hosted by Goddess Sekhmet and the Arcturus light beings to support us in achieving the desired perfect synchronization of mind and body whereby…

“every cell in the body is thinking the same conscious thought (i.e. manifestation intention) and is being fed with the same high vibrational frequency used by the mind in generating that conscious thought”

Among others, the following healing and energy activation were transmitted by the Guides during the session:

(a) Healing by Sekhmet – ‘Improve Prana to sustain conscious thoughts and intentions in the body‘ (audio runtime 7min)

(b) Activation by Lord of Arcturus – ‘Encode nervous system to uphold quality thoughts; Mind-Body alignment‘  (runtime 9min)

Full Moon Blessings, Amara Tia Ann.

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