At July’s meditation ‘Heralding the New Light’, we were gifted a grand initiation at the Great Pyramid through the Egyptian deity Osiris (personification of the 8th dimensional Orion star system), to …

  1. honour our immortality as light beings (via the Osirian archetype)
  2. activate the 8th dimensional strand of our galactic-human DNA blueprint (via the Orion connection)
  3. consolidate and integrate all the initiations we might have received from the various Egyptian mystery schools in our previous incarnations  (via the Great Pyramid portal)

Timelines were collapsed during the transmission so we may imprint the grand initiation in our

  1. Now (our immortality)
  2. Future (8th-dimensional aspect)
  3. Past (ancient Egyptian lineages)

May you, too, resonate with and appreciate this wonderful gift of eternal love from the Orions!

Play grand initiation recording (runtime 7 min):

For a better understanding of its context and contents, refer to following diagrams:

Workshop Announcement

Equinox workshop (onsite) hosted by Thoth. 19 Sept. Singapore

What does ascension mean in the context of the human evolutionary journey?  How much control do we have over our own ascension process and timeline?  How do we equip our subtle bodies and consciousness for ascension?

Besides the vast array of ascension topics and activation keys, this workshop will also feature Thoth as wearing two ‘personalities’ from his incarnated roles; i.e., as king priest of Atlantis and the God of mystical science of ancient Egypt.

Program and Registration (6 seats remaining)

An online session is being planned for October. Details will be available on our blog later this month. Stay tuned!

New Moon Blessings, Amara Tia Ann

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