Potency of New Moons and Solar Eclipses

Every new moon is a valuable opportunity for renewing or setting new intentions to experience greater expansion, growth and fulfillment in the coming lunar month. A Solar Eclipse New Moon would be one of the best times to reprogram lower-vibratory mental programs to give rise to a more evolved mindset about ourselves and our external realities. Meta-physically, the Sun relates to the mind, whereas the Moon, our emotions. When we observe or become aware that the Sun is being partially or fully blocked, as in the case of a Solar Eclipse, our subconscious mind registers a void in itself (i.e. a space of non-light), thus permitting new mental patterns to be programmed during this time.

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Upcoming Meditation ILLUMINE is about…

  • Igniting your star light (creation codes)
  • En-lightening the human mind with new and higher possibilities
  • Upgrading your physical and etheric vessels

…so you may BE-come your own Creator!

Join us for this special new moon-total solar eclipse meditation and be uplifted by the luminous presence of the Elohim. Gear up for an illuminating 2022!

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Registration closes on 2nd Dec.


Love Blessings, Amara Tia Ann

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