To evolve is to remember; and to remember is to allow higher-dimensional light frequencies to reflect upon the lower reality(ies) currently programmed in the mind. The theme of Remembrance and Reflection at last night’s Solstice Meditation ‘REMEMBERING UNDAL’ was particularly apt for many of us during this time of the year!

Through the Solstice time portal, the Angels and cosmic master Thoth gifted the group an insightful and heart-opening experience on Re-living Oneness as humanity’s new reality, ‘modeled’ after Golden Atlantis of ancient times. They re-iterated the significance of the group serving as conduits to amplify the healing and ascension frequencies, and energize the intention of a 5th dimensional Earth unfolding for the benefits of All. The more participating human vessels, the more wondrous such manifestation can be!

In this light, we invite you to connect with the Solstice transmissions for your own expansion and to quicken the soul remembrance of All as celestial beings created out of Oneness.

Scroll down for instructions to access the the meditation recordings.

🌹 GRATITUDE – a zillion thanks to our friends who came together last night to weave patterns of greater light and echo sounds of love vibration in their unique ways to fulfill the meditation intention of Remembering Undal, Temple of Light.

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Solstice Blessings, Amara Tia Ann


  • 8 tracks with total runtime of 57min
  • Advisable that you listen to all 8 tracks in sequential order at least once
  • The visuals, tagged to each track, are for enhancing appreciation of the audio transmissions

Enjoy and expand!

  1. Track # 1. Intro and Opening Meditation (11min)
    • music credit: Athair Ar Neamh by Enya
  2. Track #2. Evolution Factors and Meditation Program (7min)
  3. Track #3. Archangel Gabriel – The Mind and Planetary Healing Meditation (10min)
  4. Track #4 – Archangels – Restore Planetary Oneness Grids (6min)
  5. Track #5 – Thoth – Time Lord and Hologram Concept (6min)
  6. Track #6 – Thoth – Atlantis Undal Temple of Light (4min)
  7. Track #7 – Thoth – Activate 5D Atlantis Memory Grids; Undal Initiation (9min)
  8. Track #8 – Closing Meditation – Harness Angels’ Eternal Love (4min)
    • music credit: Only Time, by Enya