On the final full moon of the year, on 18 Dec, I co-hosted a group meditation for bringing through the Elohim to further ourselves expand as Light beings.

I am asked to share these full moon transmissions on this final day of the year as a special present from the Elohim.

Their intention to facilitate our journey and experiences in transforming what seems to be ordinary human-ness into extraordinary divine expressions, so that we can expand extraordinarily during such these extraordinary times on Earth (channeled 18 Dec 2021).

Watch Elohim Transmissions video (runtime: 20min), or access it from blog site Channeled Resources

Video segments:

  • Who are the Elohim and their role in Creation? (00:00 – 06:13)
  • Meditation: Home to the Galaxy as One (06:14-12:22)
  • Activation: Awaken Galactic-Human Blueprint (12:23-19:59)

May there be Light, May there be Light, May there always be Light on Earth. And so it is!


May the year ahead bring unlimited opportunities for experiencing the All That Is in its greatest expressions and during moments we least expect!

Many Blessings, Amara Tia Ann