Full Moon Greetings!

I believe one of the reasons many of us enjoy travelling is the new and varied spatial experience it offers. Serving as a reflective mirror and divination voice, the experience of being in an unfamiliar but welcoming physical space has the natural effect of alerting the mind and enlivening the body to unlock new potentialities within us.

With international travels still being curtailed or inconvenienced to a large extent (pandemic-driven), our bodies may have been deprived of such renewal opportunities in the last two years. What’s more with the work-from-home arrangement continuing as a global trend, our home environment can become energetically stagnant or clogged with work-related mental energies, especially if they are perceived as stressful vibes. An unrefreshing and draining environment curbs our inner growth and upsets our inner sense of peace and harmony.

The body is where the soul dwells. The house is where the body lives. 🏡

Creating a conducive energetic space for your new year intentions to flourish

Being the first full moon of the year, today could be the ideal time to de-clutter your home, office or business space energetically (“space-clearing”) and thereafter, to align the freed-up space with your new year intentions.

A simple procedure can be as follows:

  1. In a meditative state, ask for the presence of your spirit guides
  2. Riding on your guides’ healing energies, use any of these spiritual tools to ‘spring-clean’ the entire premise, moving through the space mindfully in a clockwise direction – smudge sticks, incense, healing wand, lit candle etc
  3. Ground your new year intentions at the center of the premise through visualisation, chanting or playing recordings of your favourite mantras, toning of high frequency sounds, drawing channeled codes etc methods

Space Clearing Consultations (online) by Amara Tia Ann

For a comprehensive space clearing session ‘customised’ for your home or office/business space, check out new consultation available from 20th January. Read about the Why, What, How and Booking Logistics HERE.

🌕 Full Moon Blessings, Amara Tia Ann

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