I am told that 2022 would present a valuable window to initiate ourselves to the core fire of the Divine Mother and specifically, the aspect of the primordial creative force that births and sustains physical life. As such, my guides described this year’s planetary theme as The Goddess Returns.

It is an ideal time to honor, celebrate, cultivate, and embody the Shakti – the cosmic sacred force that regulates the dynamism of the universe (as above) and is commonly personified as the supreme goddesses, deities, and lady masters who nurture the soul and heal the body of humanity (as below).

As Earth and ourselves continue to be entrained with the prevalent galactic frequencies and be awakened quicker to our common galactic lineage, we can help bring about a gentler, more  collaborative, compassionate and grounded transformation for One and All by harnessing the expected stepped-up presence of the cosmic mother and our goddess within.

Introducing The Goddess Dance Workshop Audio Kit

On this day of great harmonizing and expansive potential (read rationale below #) which is also flanked by the new moon, I am guided to share this resource for aligning and better equipping ourselves to integrate the incoming healing energies of The Goddess Returns.

# 2.2.22

  • ‘2’ = first feminine symbology in western numerology; vibrational qualities include peacemaking, harmony, empathy, intuitive, balanced  
  • sums up to ‘8’ = power held in equilibrium, balanced expansion, integration of Heaven (ether) and Earth (materiality)

The audio kit is a compilation of the wide-ranging transmissions presented at the workshop series The Goddess Dance (2013) hosted by 8 goddesses and lady masters of different spiritual lineages, namely Green Tara, M’aat, Sekhmet, Kali, Mary Magdalene, Artemis, Lakshmi and Kuan Yin.

Comprising of 51 MP3 tracks and a total runtime of 4.5 hours, this collection of channeled teachings, meditations and energy activations would serve as a timely and useful healing resource for anyone looking at cultivating a deeper relationship with his/her body through:

  • An expanded knowledge of its physiologies from a metaphysical perspective (e.g. connection between nervous system and the air element; metaphysical function of the human heart etc)
  • Deepened entrainment with Mother Earth as the common home of all physical life
  • Receiving the potent and loving healing support from these 8 goddesses


The Goddess Dance Workshop Program

All about Audio Kit – sample tracks, users’ guide, product organization, contents index and order information

New Moon gift from Cosmic Mother and her Earth aspect

On this new moon, I welcome you to connect with Mother Earth and accordingly, honor your physical body, through the workshop inaugural ritual ‘Opening the Sacred Circle – Honoring Earth’s Elements and Directions’.

Participate in the ritual: 

 or access recording here.


Announcement: Private Consultations Available

Consultations with Amara Tia Ann (online) available: Healing, Reading, Light Bodies Reconfiguration and Space Clearing 

Email info@acast.me for available slots in February and March.  


New Moon Blessings. Amara Tia Ann.

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