For me, yesterday’s inaugural session of COCOONED in Singapore was comforting and re-assuring.

Emerging from the workshop with a deeper appreciation of the grand purpose behind the massive shifts re-shaping our realities was comforting. Been equipped now with the energy tools and practical tips to better navigate these internal and external changes was re-assuring.

The different layers of meanings configured in the title ‘COCOONED’ were revealed by the Cosmic Mother skillfully, including the fast materialization of our 4th-dimensional Pleiadian Self which has, until recent decades, been cocooned in our collective future reality.

Speaking of the Pleiadians, I am reminded of the full moon meditation ‘A Gentle Touch of Magic’ hosted by our stellar guides last May.

“The Pleiades Sisterhood – Realm of Timeless Magic

The Pleiadeans – dwellers of the 4th dimensional world – express their divine creative potential and evolve their consciousness through the experience of space and collectivity of the heart (i.e., one heart, many minds). Unlike Earth dwellers, however, they do not operate with, nor are they constrained in their creations by linear time. These characteristics of their world and being-ness not only enable immediate manifestations of thoughts as ‘physical’ experiences in space, but also render the seeding of negative karma impossible in their realm (since all thoughts and desires stem from the collective heart of love frequency). 

In this sense, we can regard the Pleiades world as of one of timeless magic.”

‘A Gentle Touch of Magic‘ Meditation Introduction

If you’re looking at lightening up this full moon with their joyous presence, and also be entrained to the world of Pleiades to quicken your expansion into a 4th-dimensional being, the following energy attunement transmitted during “A Gentle Touch of Magic” could be a valuable resource at this time.

or access the attunement recording (runtime 10min) from ACAST blog

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COCOONED – Online Session. 23 and 24 April, 2pm to 4:30pm GMT+8

Hosted by the Cosmic Mother as an embrace-and-unfold-in-Divine Knowing growth experience for All, the workshop will be available online at the coming weekend.


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Full Moon Blessings, Amara Tia Ann