At the recently concluded ‘Cocooned’ workshops, not only were we immersed in the great wisdom of the Cosmic Mother, we also rode high on her fiery re-creative energy (“Shakti”) to spur the body’s transformation during this time of rapid soul awakening.

As the dynamic and invigorating aspect of the Divine Mother, the Shakti can be channeled towards our physical healing, psychic expansion and the remembrance of our galactic heritage through the Suns.

Towards this end, I’ve been asked to share The Shakti Invocation meditation (channeled at workshop) as a gift from the Cosmic Mother and a tool for optimizing tomorrow’s new moon solar eclipse expansionary window.


  • Meditation audio also available from ACAST website. Runtime 10min
  • Song credit: Ra Ma Da Sa Healing by Ajeet Kaur

The invocation included the following prayer as a tribute to the Divine Feminine within and around us.

More about the Shakti – the cosmic sacred force that regulates the dynamism of the universe (as above) and is commonly personified as the supreme goddesses, deities, and lady masters who nurture the soul and heal the body of humanity (as below) – extracted from article ‘8’ is Balanced Power, 2 Feb 2022.


New Moon Blessings, Amara Tia Ann.

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