At the finale session of the Cocooned Workshop series held in Manila today, Lord Maitreya came through with the golden blessings of the Wesak Festival to reinforce and augment the transmissions specially calibrated for activating the crown chakra – our gateway to the spiritual realms and the seat of our divine knowing (i.e. gift of claircognizance).

Expanding your crown chakra to deepen and neurally ‘hardwire’ your connection with the Divine may be a meditation worth practicing on this blood moon graced with the Wesak blessings.

  • Listen to transmission:

Crown Chakra Activation (runtime 9min)


Explanations accompanying the recorded meditation:

  1. Moonstone plates

Moonstone is the crystal recommended for holding the Cocooned transmissions largely meant for awakening the crown chakra potentialty

2. OM Symbol


Wesak Full Moon Blessings to One and All!

Amara Tia Ann.

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