With the participants’ keen attention and coherent intention, workshop series COCOONED unfolded as the following time-critical and multi-tiered deliverables:

  1. Awakening Crown chakra fully as the bridge between our 3rd dimensional (3D) physical body and 4th dimensional (4D) Pleiadian light body in order to protect, recalibrate and cocoon the human nervous system within a 4D exo-light vehicle during these times of unprecedented inner transformation and external planetary shifts
  2. Entraining (i.e., cocoon) every other chakra of the etheric body with the wisdom of the Crown chakra to minimize the attraction and manifestation of negativity and life draining experiences
  3. Invoking the Cosmic Mother – divine feminine principle of Creation – to awaken the gift of claircognizance as a navigational tool during the current cocooned phase when our Pleiadean blueprint is fast being materialized        

Watch workshop synopsis video excerpt: materializing the 3D/4D DNA double helix

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Workshop Recordings Available for Purchase

Each set consists of

  • videos from online session held in April; Part 1 and Part 2 videos with total runtime of 4 hours
  • audios of meditations and energy activations from all three sessions conducted in Singapore, Manila and online; see listing of 20 MP3 tracks

Songs/music credit:

  • Ong Namo by Ajeet Kaur
  • Ra Ma Da Sa Healing by Ajeet Kaur
  • Rue des trois freres by Fabrizio Paternlini

Price and Payment Options

  • Singapore Dollars SGD 44 per set, PayPal charges apply
  • Payable upon ordering
  • 50% price discount for workshop participants
  • Singapore-based users: PayNow SGD44 to UEN T11LL2214A
  • Overseas users: Send SGD 46.64 (inclusive of 6% PayPal charges) via PayPal to anntay@acast.me

To order

Email info@acast.me with caption ‘Order Cocooned Product’ and attach payment details

  • Singapore-based users: attach PayNow receipt
  • Overseas users : attach PayPal payment transaction; or if you prefer, request for a PayPal invoice in your order email

Blessings, Amara Tia Ann.

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