Full Moon nudges us to unwind, reflect and let go of experiences and the underlying frequencies which no longer serve us in our greatest light. From this state of regained ‘lightness’, we can then ground new and elevating frequencies into ourselves which, in good time, shall manifest as the sweet harvest we desire.

A supermoon – when the full moon appears particularly large and near –  brings with it doubly potent healing frequencies. To optimize tomorrow’s supermoon for resetting and raising our energy frequencies, we can engage the benevolent forces from the higher worlds to guide and support us.

Accordingly, I’ve been asked to share an invocation meditation channeled recently at the Cocooned workshop (Manila). Let us be nestled in self-love under the loving embrace of the Archangels and the Cosmic Mother on this supermoon!

Listen to meditation recording (runtime 7min).

Song credit: Ong Namo by Ajeet Kaur

Suggestions for enhancing benefits of meditation:

  1. Visualize and connect with your community(ies) during the meditation to amplify the Presence of the Angels and Divine Mother
  2. Hold a healing crystal of your liking on the left hand for it to attuned with the benevolent and loving energies invoked. You can revisit these frequencies subsequently with your intention and by holding the same crystal.

Solstice Meditation (online): A DREAM FORGOTTEN. 21st June, 7:30pm GMT+8

I have long been told that the Equinox and Solstice seasons are ideal windows for re-membering the various spiritual lineages that humanity is connected with, vibrationally speaking. From this place of soul remembrance and in-gathering of ‘lost’ frequencies, we can then envision the expanded realities we shall co-create with these alternative worlds and civilizations dwelling in the same universe as ourselves.

Upcoming Solstice session ‘A DREAM FORGOTTEN : Conversations with the Inner Earth People’ is aligned with the above purpose.

Program intro

Registration details

Registration closes 19th June.


Full Moon Blessings, Amara Tia Ann.

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