Happy Solstice!

UNDAL – Building New Atlantis is about recoding the ancient Atlantis memory grids with the presence of the Andromeda guides (star nation of 9-10th dimensional frequency), so they can become the new template for materializing New Atlantis cities of light (“Undal”) for the 5th dimensional Earth. As we participate in this initiative, not only will we serve as conduits and light-bringers for the New Atlantis, equally, our spiritual DNA and gifts endowed by Andromeda will be activated.  

If you’re looking for an opportunity to unwind and recharge in the embrace of mother nature while continuing to expand your service to humanity and activate your light bodies under the watchful eyes of our galactic guides, this retreat along the beautiful coast of east Bali could be the perfect choice!

Meditations | Energy Activations | Communion with Galaxy and Lightworkers | Balinese Blessings | Purification at Water Temple | Sunrise along Indian Ocean | Space and Silence.

  • Register using Booking Form. Deposit required to secure seat.
  • Limited places. Registration closes on 12 July or when fully booked
  • Email anntay@acast.me or anntay212@gmail.com for enquiries

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Solstice Blessings, Amara Tia Ann.