New Moon greetings!

When I meditate on 8, I see more of a pattern that a number per se. A pattern, through its simplicity, that speaks of these ageless truths about creation:

  • cosmic energy creates as it flows through a closed loop system; and
  • its resultant creations inevitably form dual (-ity ) of themselves

What other wisdom could be revealed by our higher consciousness when 8 is seen with its dual aspect (to form 8.8) and how could we energize and embody these insights for our soul’s awakening?

Join us at 8.8 Lion’s Gate Meditation: BUILDING BRIDGES to be enlightened and enlivened energetically by the Elohim and Orion star beings as they expound the significance of permitting dualities to co-exist through flow and eventually be integrated to actualize the WHOLE.

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Registration closes on 6th Aug.


New Moon Blessings, Amara Tia Ann.

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