Galactic Portal (as above)

The Milky Way can be regarded as our monadic home, i.e., where our monads or over-souls dwell. Through its Great Central Sun, a.k.a. the heart of Milky Way, we are able to connect directly with our monadic families to draw upon their vibrational support and wisdom.

Ocean Portal (so below)

The drawing below was channeled by our dear friend, Mary Thio, at our recent retreat in Bali (“UNDAL – Building New Atlantis”) as the gateway to the memory grids of ancient Golden Atlantis. Held together as crystalline matrices beneath the Atlantic Ocean, these grids store the galactic programs and frequencies which had unfolded as the 5th dimensional Atlantis civilizations and eras of past timelines.

Just today, the Sirius High Council revealed another significance of the coded symbol. It is vibrationally mapped to the Great Central Sun, such that if we were to meditate on it with the intention to awaken and re-connect with our collective 5D Atlantis lineage, we will also draw our monads closer to us and deepen their presence in our hearts.

Additionally, for a quickened remembrance of your personal Atlantis journeys (if this suggestion speaks to your heart), you can listen to the following transmission channeled at the same retreat for aligning our crystalline matrices to the Atlantis living library of galactic intelligence.

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11.11 Meditation (online)

Led by Pleiades and the Ascended Masters


Enabling the Descend of Star Seeds and Ascension of the Human Soul…Harmoniously

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New Moon Blessings. Amara Tia Ann.

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