The Pleiades High Council’s transmissions at the recent 11.11 meditation (“Canopy of Light, Trail of Love”) were earnest and intense, nudging humanity to awaken our 4th dimensional Pleiades attributes and reclaim our genetic identity as the twin soul of Pleiades – the long-awaited union of light and matter.

If the Pleiades’ energy signature of JOY is a frequency you’d like to embody fully and externalize as your new reality, I invite you to connect with the High Council on this new moon and begin entraining your nervous system and chakra body with its LIGHT-ness.  

11.11 Meditation excerpts (video runtime: 34min):

  • 11.11 as time portal enabling passages of Light
  • Connecting with the Pleiades High Council
  • 4th Dimensional Pleiades of Space, No Time – Collective Heart with Individuated Minds
  • Shared Destiny with Humanity
  • 4D Genetic Attributes and Encoding 3D/4D Double Helix (energy activations)
  • Attract Your Pleiades Twin Soul
  • Pleiades Star Seeds Descending
  • Canopy of Light for New Wave of Star Humans (music credit: “Back to the Shore” by The Aura Healer)

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My Gratitude, Your Grace – My deep gratitude to all meditation participants for having enabled the descend of these empowering transmissions through the 11.11 portal. Thank you for your Light and your Grace!


New Moon Blessings, Amara Tia Ann.

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