I would describe my first experience channeling the Seraphim at the recent Solstice Meditation ‘GLOW‘ as truly heart-opening and humbling. As celestial beings of the highest order in the angelic realm, their transmissions came across as passionate, fiery, revered and devotional. In their mighty Godly presence, I could sense both their deep compassion for the challenging realities that humanity has created as a means to its ascension, and their unwavering commitment as our healing guides and counsel for our soul.

Being the year’s final new moon, today’s lunation event speaks of both a new beginning (Alpha) and an ending (Omega). Therefore, I thought it would be meaningful to share the following Solstice energy gifts from the Seraphim:

  • Energy attunement (Alpha) – to initiate your personal connection or elevate your existing spiritual relationship with these powerful angelic guides
  • Energy body purification (Omega) – to purge energies of unworthiness carried by the body and the unconscious/subconscious mind.

Please listen to the audio tracks sequentially for best healing effect.

  1. Attunement to Seraphim (runtime 4min)

2. Purification of Energy Body (runtime 5min)

New Moon Blessings, Amara Tia Ann.

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