The state of BE can be regarded as the intermediary phase between Being and Becoming.

Becoming. For most of us, a core reason for our reincarnations is to eventually embody a certain soul quality(ies) masterfully. That is, to become the physical expression of our divinity.

Being. Towards this end, we are guided to attract realities which either bring us closer or further from our becoming. As we expend our life force in creating, exploring and interpreting our worldly experiences, as consciousness, we are being immersed in or even engulfed by these realities. In this sense, being is the experimenting and expansionary phase of our awakening and evolvement.

Be. On the contrary, the be state brings about a contraction of our outwardly attention. By consciously retreating to be, we allow the energetic body to process, filter, integrate and assimilate the frequencies expressed and exchanged during our being-ness. This can often bring about a deeper connection with our soul (inner guidance) and accordingly, a realignment of our intentions and attention towards our becoming.

Additionally, the Seraphim guides recommend regular practices of Be for self-healing, protection and creating a safe and uplifting energy environment for others in the light of many challenges unfolding in humanity’s shared reality.

As 2022 draws to a close, may I invite you to simply Be…to embrace all that you have become.

Listen to ‘Practising Be’ meditation transmitted at Solstice Meditation ‘GLOW‘ (audio runtime 4min). Steps as follows…

  • Meditation audio also available on blog post.

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A Glorious New Year to All!

Blessings, Amara Tia Ann & Andy.

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