Equinox Meditation (online): THE COSMIC TUNE-UP. 21.3.2023

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We have, as humanity, entered a timeline of quickened spiritual awakening. I am told the intensity, momentum and scale of this mega consciousness shift will be stepped up in the months ahead.

These are some of expansionary effects we could be, or have already been, experiencing:  

  • merger of realities in our conscious awareness (thinning of dimensional veils)
  • recollection of one’s past lives, increased instances of deja vu (overlapping of timelines)
  • vibrational pull of the galaxy
  • desire to live life to its fullest NOW
  • intensified calling to serve and uphold the principle of Oneness 

Without a doubt, we are being tuned-up to BECOME  more than our physical self. The cosmic gateways and time corridors are opening up to initiate a mass awakening because We Are Ready! 


To prime our light bodies for the influx of galactic frequencies pouring in through the stargates, I have been asked to lead a meditation on this Equinox.

Hosted by the Lyra Star Council of Milky Way, “THE COSMIC TUNE-UP” is about recoding, recalibrating and re-membering the light and sound codes we were birthed with as children of the stars… walking an Earth’s journey for soul expansion and in service to the Light. 

Join me and the Lyran guides to experience an uplifting Equinox!


The Words of Lyra:

  • The mirage of space, the marriage of worlds
  • The dance of time
  • The heart that strums the harp

The Works of Lyra:

  • Clear the morphogenic fields of dissonant sound patterns
  • Activate and upgrade axiatonal lines connecting to resonating star systems
  • Map mental body to higher matrices of galactic intelligence
  • TUNE-UP light vessels to advance the awakening of galactic consciousness

Registration Info

Date: 21 March 2023 

Time: 7:30pm to 8:30pm Singapore (GMT+8). check  time conversion

Platform: Zoom Video Conferencing 

Fees: SGD22/person (PayPal charges apply). Fees are payable upon registration

Payment Options:
a) Singapore-based participants – PayNow S$22 to UEN T11LL2214A

b) Overseas participants – send S$24 (includes S$2 charges) to PayPal account anntay@acast.me

Register: email anntay@acast.me, titled “Register Equinox Meditation” and attach payment transaction.

Registration closes: 19 March