Workshop Series: STAR-CLAD hosted by the Galactic Star Council

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Facilitated by Amara Tia Ann

Workshop Objectives

  • To awaken our galactic consciousness and attributes through continuous vibrational entrainment
  • To appreciate and embody the divine purpose of the galactic-human existence with new knowledge and group support


  • 3-Part workshop series
  • Each part is sponsored and led by a pair of star systems as the energy catalysts for firing up the respective DNA strands of our galactic blueprint
  • Methodology:
    • channeled teachings about these star systems, their attributes and association with human destiny and evolution
    • energy activations to awaken and connect the different dimensional light bodies
    • home practices to augment the workshop deliveries
    • group sharing to build rapport and communal support and
    • other contents and energy transmissions as determined by the guides during the live workshops

Part 1: A Star is Born

Part 2: Welding the Star to its Destiny

Part 3: From Star to Galaxy

  • Andromeda and Lyra (9th – 12th D)
  • program available in May 2023
  • Penang – June; Singapore – July

Note: Part 1 attendance required for progressing to Parts 2 and 3. Separate registrations for individual parts