From the vantage point of our galactic guides, there has never been as strong a vibrational attraction between Earth/humanity and the Galactic Center as now, since the completion of the previous World Age and the precessional equinox of 2012.

Such a phenomenally powerful pull of the human mind towards the higher programming (intelligence) of Milky Way is triggering the awakening of the our embedded galactic consciousness at an unprecedented rate, especially among those who already feel a deep connection with resonating star systems.

In line with this expansionary potential unfolding more so among starseeds and lightworkers, my galactic guides have accorded the year 2023 with a vibrational theme of Home to the Great Central Sun. Accordingly, besides the STARCLAD workshop series. I have been nudged to lead a spiritual tour to Egypt to transmit potent stellar frequencies and ascension keys – via the grids of the ancient temples and the Great Pyramid portal – to accelerate our awakening and fulfil our legacy as the Galactic-Human specie.

We look forward to having you at “STARBOUND – A Pilgrimage to the Stars hosted by the Galactic Federation of Light and participating star nations of Pleiades, Sirius, Arcturus, Orion, Andromeda, and Lyra!

To register:

  • send the booking form and (refundable) deposit of USD500 by 30 March
  • Option to pay deposit in Singapore Dollars, Hong Kong Dollars or Malaysia Ringgit 
  • Email for payment instructions or any enquiries


ANNOUNCEMENT: Personal Consultations (online) Availability

Due to a couple of travels lined up, I won’t be available for consultations from now till mid-March. If you are keen to book a session ahead of time, please drop me a quick email at and I’ll sure to get in touch when the March/April booking schedule is available. Thank you!  


New Moon Blessings, Amara Tia Ann.

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