Amara Tia Ann – A Brief Intro

Ann began her spiritual work as a channel and healer in 2005, soon after experiencing a powerful awakening in July 2004, catalyzed by the Venus Transit.  Since then, she has worked with a wide spectrum of spiritual energies and highly evolved beings, including the Elohim, Archangels, Ascended Masters, Christed Star Beings and various Councils of Light, to transmit high frequency sound and light codes (Language of Light) and advanced spiritual knowledge to support the evolution of Humanity.

Ann was conferred the spiritual name ‘Amara Tia’ by Lord Gautama Buddha on 29 December 2012. It means “of the emerald diamond”. The intention is for her, in fulfilling her role as a channel for Spirit, to bring through spiritual knowledge calibrated with the highest frequency of love (emerald heart) and of absolute purity and clarity (diamond). Since 2012, Ann has channeled several workshops, courses and group learning events and shared them across different parts of the world.